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Raspberry Ganache


Raspberry fruit Ganache in a variety of chocolate shells -100g

Orange and Cointreau Truffles


Orange and Cointreau truffles coated in Belgian Chocolate - 100g

Coffee Truffles


Coffee truffles coated in Belgian Chocolate

Large Chocolate Slab


A variety of 110g slabs


Easter Eggs

starting from £3.00

Beautifully wrapped Easter Eggs with a choice of sweets encased inside the egg (large eggs sold out)


Chocolate Thins


Delicate chocolate thins or crispy mint snaps


Honeycomb Rocks


Honeycomb coated in Belgian Chocolate - 100g

Chocolate Lolly

starting from £0.80

Perfect Chocolate lollies for either children or heart shaped for wedding favours


Hot Chocolate Sticks


Solid Belgian chocolate surrounded by mini marshmallows ready to stir in your choice of hot milk

Gift Boxes

From £6.00

Gorgeous Gift Boxes wrapped in a Organdie Ribbon. The boxes come in two colours Black with a grey ribbon or silver with a black ribbon. A random selection can be placed or a selection of your choice

Gift Boxes

Christmas Tree Ornaments

starting from £3.00

Christmas Tree Ornaments filled with plain chocolate thins Comes in star shape and tree shape

Christmas Ornaments

Champagne and Brandy


Delicious strong taste of champagne and brandy truffles wrapped in mouth watering Belgian Chocolate - 100g ONLY AVAILABLE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER

Christmas Gift Box


A choice of our delicious christmas flavours - Either a mixture or one of your chosen delights - 250g ONLY AVAILABLE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER

Salted Brown Sugar Caramel


Soft centered sweet chocolate ganache - 100g

Christmas Advent Calendar


Beautiful self assemble advent calendar suitable for boys and girls

Combination Slab Gift Box


Our combination gift box slabs with a choice of three different 45g bar slabs Choice of: Freeze dried Raspberry, Freeze dried Blackcurrant, Skittles, Chilli

Childrens Gift Bag


Children's gift bag includes: 50g Chocolate thins bag, Hot Chocolate stick, 20g chocolate heart lolly, 45g slab

Truffle/Ganache Gift Box


120g box containing a combination of our non alcoholic flavours

Christmas Special Truffle/Ganache Gift Box


A selection of either Champagne and Brandy Truffles, Whisky, Lime and Ginger Ganache or a combination of both ONLY AVAILABLE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER


Small Chocolate Slab


A variety of 45g slabs